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Where are your products made?

Our custom, eco-friendly paper tube packaging is manufactured at our facility located in Cleveland, Ohio USA.

What is your minimum order requirement?

  • Our minimum order requirement for all non-labeled packaging is a $750.00 order.
  • For cost efficiency, the minimum order requirement for packaging with convolute labeling is 5,000 units.

What is your production lead time? How long does it take to produce an order?

  • Our production lead time for non-labeled packaging is 3-4 business weeks.
  • Lead time for labeled packaging is a minimum of 4 business weeks* from the date of receiving the labels in-house.

*Please Note: Lead time can vary for custom packaging and should be discussed with your account manager at time of order to meet your specific needs.

Do you offer printing on the paper tube packaging?

We do not screen print directly onto our paper tubes. We do offer three types of branding options:

  • One color in-line flexo printing onto a spiral outer wrap during the winding process in production
  • Custom, convolute paper full process label, made with the tube in production
  • Application of self-adhesive sticker labels, by hand or machine, post-production

What is the difference between a self-adhesive sticker label and a convolute label?

  • Self-adhesive sticker labels come on a roll with adhesive pre-applied, and are machine or hand-applied post-production.
  • Convolute labels are applied to the tube during production and then cut and assembled. The convolute label becomes part of the tube construction in production and finishes as a high-end retail package.
  • View our customization and labeling web page for more details

What are your stock color options?

Click here to download our stock color spiral outer wrap brochure for a current list of paper stock finishes and color options.

What is the difference between a 2-piece and a full telescope?

  • A two piece telescope is made up of two tubes. The top tube fits over the bottom tube and is not flush-fit.
  • A full telescope is made up of three or more tubes. The insert tube is glued into the base tube. The top tube fits over the insert tube to form a flush fit with the base tube.

What is the smallest diameter tube you can make?

  • The smallest diameter open end tube we can make is 0.120”
  • The smallest diameter enclosed packaging tube we can make is: 0.875”

*Please Note: Availability of diameters will vary for enclosed packaging, depending upon the enclosure style you choose for your paper tube package.

What is the largest diameter tube you can make?

  • The largest diameter open end tube we can make is 5.010”*
  • The largest diameter enclosed packaging tube we can make is 5.010”*

*Please Note: Availability of diameters will vary for enclosed packaging, depending upon the enclosure style you choose for your paper tube package.

What lengths are available for open end and core tubes?

We currently make open end tube lengths from 0.25” – 320”

What lengths are available for tubes with enclosures, including telescopes?

  • The shortest usable length tube we can make with an enclosure is 0.75”*
  • The longest usable length tube we can make with an enclosure is 320”*

*Please Note: Availability of lengths will vary for enclosed packaging, depending upon the enclosure style you choose for your product and our machine limitations.

What wall thicknesses are available?

  • For open end tubes, we can make tubes with walls ranging from 0.010” thin to 0.125” thick
  • For enclosed packaging tubes, the wall thickness will vary and be specific to the enclosure options required. Please see your account manager for special or specific wall thicknesses required.

What is the recycled content of your packaging?

  • All of our recycled fiber paper that makes up our tubes is 100% recycled with up to 95% post-consumer content. The consumer content percentage can vary based on availability from our supplier.
  • Virgin paper is available upon request.

How eco-friendly is your packaging? Is it recyclable or biodegradable?

  • Our paper tube packaging is fully recyclable. Our all-paper tubes and packaging are fully biodegradable. All of our packaging with metal or plastic ends or liners is recyclable.
  • Our convolute labels are all printed with soy based inks.

Where can I find pricing online or do you have a product catalog or price list?

We do not offer a packaging price list or catalog, nor do we offer pricing online due to the custom nature of our packaging. We design our packaging to fit each individual customer’s needs. To request a price quote, please contact us at 1-800-343-8823 or complete our quote request form on our website.

What information do I need to provide in order to get a quote?

The following information should be provided either to one of our account managers or via our online quote request form in order for us to provide you with complete and accurate pricing:

  • Contact Name
  • Company
  • Billing and/or Ship-to Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email (so we can email the price quote to you)
  • Explanation of product you are looking to package
  • Product Market: Food, Cosmetics/Personal Care, Cannabis/eVapor, Home Goods, Promotional Products, Medical, Industrial, Government/Military, Other.
  • Type of Tube: Open Ended Tube, Singe Tube with enclosure(s), 2pc Telescope, Full Telescope, Composite Can
  • End Closure: Paper Cap, Paper Curl-and-Disc / Rolled Edge, Metal End, Metal Ring-and-Plug, Plastic Plug, Shaker Top or Foil Membrane
  • Quote Quantity
  • Inside Diameter
  • Tube Length (usable)
  • Any additional information or special requirements: labels, color, embossing, foil, etc.

Do you offer stock packaging options, or offer stock packaging through a distributor?

At this time, we do not carry stock packaging, nor do we offer stock packaging through distribution. All of our packaging is custom made to order.

Do you offer graphic design or package design services?

  • Yes, we do offer in-house graphic design services. Please speak with your account manager or call us 1-800-343-8823 for more details on our packaging and graphic design services.
  • We provide, at no additional charge, custom label die line templates sized to scale in Adobe Illustrator (.ai file) to all customers who require labeling. If re-sizing of artwork or artwork creation is needed for labels, please discuss with your account manager at time of order.

How do I place an order?

Please call your account manager and provide payment information at time of order. If you do not have an account manager, please call 1-800-343-8823 and one of our account managers will assist you.

What are your payment options and first-time order policy?

  • For all first time orders, or orders less than $3,000.00, we require 100% payment by credit card due at time of order.
  • For orders over $3,000.00 and customers who have ordered with us previously but have been inactive for 12 months or more, we accept 50% pre-pay and terms of 1% 10 net 30.
  • For orders over $3,000.00 and active customers who order more than twice annually or have an annual blanket order with us, we accept terms of 1% 10 net 30.

Do you accept credit cards?

  • Yes, we accept all major US credit cards.
  • We also accept bank transfers in place of credit cards for payment.

Do you accept PayPal?

  • We only accept PayPal for sample kit shipping and handling payment.
  • We DO NOT accept PayPal as an option for order payment.

Do I need my own PayPal account to pay for a sample kit?

You are not required to have your own PayPal account. You may use PayPal as a “guest” to use a credit card as a safe way to pay for the sample kit shipping and handling, if you do not have a UPS or FedEx account.

What is the least/most expensive container you offer?

The cost of our packaging options will vary based on customization required. Please call 1-800-343-8823 to speak with one of our account managers to determine which packaging option will be most cost-effective for your application.

Does the price quote include shipping/freight costs?

Our packaging price quotes do not include shipping or freight costs.

Can you provide me with a shipping estimate before I place an order?

Shipping/freight costs are calculated upon completion of production and are based on variables such as final product dimensions, weight, and selected carrier daily market rates.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. You are required to provide the freight broker and tax information to your account manager at time of order.

What is your return policy?

  • All custom manufactured products are non-returnable.
  • If there is a manufacturing defect or quality problem with the paper tubes, please ship us a sample of the defective product, along with a letter describing the defect for review, in attention to our quality team. Reviews and results will be addressed, and resolutions will be provided, on an individual basis due to the custom nature of our packaging.
  • Click here to view our company Terms & Conditions.

What is the cost for a sample kit?

Sample kits are free ($75 value). You are only required to pay for the $19.95 shipping and handling fee. You can choose to provide your own UPS or FedEx account to ship by, or make payment through PayPal. Click here to request a sample kit.

What is the cost for custom prototypes?

  • The cost for custom manufactured, unlabeled prototypes is $150.00 per size and tube style.
  • If you would like to add labeling, the cost for custom labeled prototypes is $150.00 per size and tube style, plus the cost of the printed material.
  • Click here to request a custom prototype.
Tel: 1-800-343-8823 | 15900 Industrial Pkwy | P.O. Box 35140 | Cleveland, OH 44135 USA