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FTP Your Files to Custom Paper Tubes

For your convenience, Custom Paper Tubes has created an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) space on our server for our clients to upload files.

Contact your account manager, or click here to email a request for the Log-In and Password information.

It has been configured so that after log-in, you will be able to view files, upload files and create sub-folders, but you will not be able to delete files or folders.

An FTP program is required to upload files. There are several free FTP programs available on the internet, such as FileZilla. FireFox users can use FireFTP. A Google search will reveal many more. Logging-in through your browser is not recommended as most browsers login anonymously to FTP sites without an opportunity to enter user name and password information.

Alternatively, you may send large files via email for free to your account manager via

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