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Medical Tubes

Brite White Disposable Medical Mouthpiece

Trauma Site Container

Disposable Medical Mouthpieces

  • FDA registered medical device manufacturer (FDA registration #3005017508)
  • 100% food grade construction
  • Compliant with FDA manufacturing procedures
  • FDA listed under the proprietary name "Brite White Disposable Mouthpiece" (FDA#E194919)
  • Supplied in heat sealed bags of 100 each or in bulk pack
  • Standard mouthpieces printed with "Brite White" designation. Also available plain or with your logo added
  • Sizes to fit all equipment
  • Click here to learn more about disposable medical mouthpieces

The Moody Tube ®

  • Trauma site container for sharps and biohazardous materials
  • Designed and developed by paramedics
  • Helps reduce exposure to needle sticks and biohazard contaminants
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