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Welding Rod Tubes

Welding Rod Tubes

Tube Diameters and Lengths to Fit
Your Specific Requirements

Welding Rod Tube Features:

  • Paper tubes don't permanently dent
  • Cushion delicate flux layer
  • Flexible graphics make package design changes quick and easy
  • Private label in same container
  • Nine tube diameters available so electrodes of different sizes and densities fit snugly into specific diameter package
  • 118 lb. steel end stock is stronger than normal 90 lb. stock resulting in fewer dented ends

Multiple Closures Available:

  • Deep draw heavy duty ends
  • Plastic caps and plugs
  • Telescoping packaging

Standard Packaging For:

  • TIG Wire
  • MIG Wire
  • Standard Electrodes
  • Specialty metal electrodes
  • Poly rod pack - Moisture and water proof to protect sensitive flux

Package seaming equipment rental available for factory seamed packaging.

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