Custom Cardboard Cores

November 1st, 2011

Custom Cradboard CoresAlthough many of our customers associate Custom Paper Tubes with POP packaging applications, we also manufacture cardboard cores for industrial and commercial purposes.  Many of these projects involve creating tubes with specific characteristics such as notches, holes, or special materials.  Our manufacturing capabilities allow us produce durable custom cores in a wide variety of sizes, colors and configurations.

This case study features an international geological survey company that needed a strong cardboard core for their sensitive recording paper rolls.  The core needed to be durable, color coded red, and have precisely placed slots on either end of the tube to match their machine.  One of our in-house design specialists incorporated all required features to meet our customer’s needs.  The finished product features a spiral wound tube, with a red outer wrap, and two slots to hold the tube securely in place.

If your paper core application requires customization, including special sizes, colors, or other secondary operations such as the addition of slots and a stock product does not meet your specific needs, consider contacting Custom Paper Tubes.  We have the equipment, personnel, and over 30 years of experience manufacturing custom cardboard cores for industrial and commercial applications, including labels, tape, paper, foam, and fabric just to name a few.   To learn more about custom cardboard cores, or to request a quote, contact Custom Paper Tubes for more information.