Rugged, Industrial Packaging Keeps Weld Rods Protected in Harsh Environments

December 6th, 2012

Weld rods (welding electrodes), used primarily in the petrochemical and power generation industries, come in a variety of metal alloys and sizes, most often with special flux coatings containing various minerals to impart specific welding characteristics. Weld rods need to be protected under the harsh environments the industries endure, such as high heat, pressure and moisture, because of their somewhat fragile nature.

Custom Paper Tubes manufactures industrial packaging to protect weld rods, not only in shipping and storage, but most importantly out in the field. The paper containers are usually made with poly laminated or Mylar paper without water-based adhesives. This special paper exterior provides a barrier that prevents moisture from getting into the container that can cause porosity in the flux, which can then become brittle and break off. The special deep draw, heavy duty metal ends allow for a high weight tolerance (up to 30Ibs) and are less prone to denting from an impact, reducing potential damage to the wire. The industrial strength walls of the containers are also resistant to permanent denting, protecting the wire inside.

Custom Paper Tubes produces special industrial packaging for primarily TIG and electrode wire. There are nine tube diameter sizes available so electrodes of different sizes and densities fit snugly into each specific diameter container. Full telescoping, ring-and-plug and poly rod packs are the most common types of industrial containers because of their durability. Besides the deep draw metal ends, other heavy duty end closures available are plastic caps and plugs. Custom Paper Tubes also offers one color online printing, directly onto the spiral wrap, to allow for quick and easy private labeling. Read the rest of this entry »

Custom, Open-End Paper Cores for Building Materials

December 4th, 2012

open end paper coreCustom Paper Tubes produces industrial heavy duty open-end cores for Quanex Building Products Corp., a manufacturer of high-performance window and door products, primarily serving the construction and remodeling markets.

One of Quanex’s main applications for our cores is shipping and storage of vinyl sealant strips. Read the rest of this entry »

Custom Cardboard Cores

November 1st, 2011

Custom Cradboard CoresAlthough many of our customers associate Custom Paper Tubes with POP packaging applications, we also manufacture cardboard cores for industrial and commercial purposes.  Many of these projects involve creating tubes with specific characteristics such as notches, holes, or special materials.  Our manufacturing capabilities allow us produce durable custom cores in a wide variety of sizes, colors and configurations.

This case study features an international geological survey company that needed a strong cardboard core for their sensitive recording paper rolls.  The core needed to be durable, color coded red, and have precisely placed slots on either end of the tube to match their machine.  One of our in-house design specialists incorporated all required features to meet our customer’s needs.  The finished product features a spiral wound tube, with a red outer wrap, and two slots to hold the tube securely in place. Read the rest of this entry »

Phenolic Paper Tubes

October 28th, 2011
Phenolic Paper Tubes

Phenolic Paper Tubes

The aerospace industry is known for critical specifications requiring a high degree of customization. As a result, these companies often struggle to find suitable vendors. These factors led Air Components, a West Coast aircraft parts supplier, to contact Custom Paper Tubes. Custom Paper Tubes specializes in providing tubes that meet critical material and dimensional requirements

Air Components struggled to find a source of custom phenolic paper tubes for an electrical application. Their application called for strong and waterproof paper tubes manufactured to tight tolerances. Cutouts were required for the parts to fit properly and each tube needed a printed part number for proper identification. Our team worked with the customer to design a finished paper tube that was phenolic impregnated for strength and moisture resistance, then notched per their drawing. Our manufacturing processes allow complex parts, such as these, to be produced with precision tolerances in low volumes economically. Read the rest of this entry »