Food Grade Clear Plastic Canisters

December 11th, 2011
Clear Plastic Canister

Food Grade Clear Plastic Canister

As our name suggests, most of our customers know us primarily for the cardboard tube packaging solutions we design and manufacture in our Cleveland, Ohio facility.  Although many of our projects call for paper designs, we also provide clear plastic canisters, containers, and tubes for a wide range of packaging applications.  Custom Paper Tubes’ Reveal™ specialty packaging is ideal for customers seeking to showcase their products on retailer shelves.  This case study explains how CPT developed a food-grade, clear plastic canister for Collins Street Bakery.

A Texas based customer, Collins Street Bakery sells gourmet cookies that are tempting to the eye and palate, but delicate to handle.  Custom Paper Tubes designed a see through, food-grade, tube packaging solution that creates an inviting visual presentation while protecting the delicate cookies from breakage during shipping and preserving their oven fresh taste.  Rather than using a plastic end cap, the finished product features a colorful, cardboard curl and disc top to enhance the presentation.  Transparent canisters are particularly effective when selling product in high-end retail settings such as Trader Joes or Whole Foods.

Custom Paper Tubes offers clear tube packaging in sizes up to 5″ in diameter with lengths to meet customer specifications.  With 30 plus years of experience in custom packaging, we can create a see-through tube packaging solution to meet your specific needs.  From cookies and cosmetics to yarn and candles, clear plastic canisters from CPT are sure to help your products fly off retailer shelves.  To learn more about see through plastic tube packaging, or to request a quote, contact Custom Paper Tubes today.