Release your Inner Child – Captivating candles evoke memories of home and family

July 11th, 2017

Inner Child Home Fragrances (, founded by mother-daughter pair Beth and Julia Schillaci, was started after Beth had smelled the scent of the eucalyptus trees from a grove while travelling in Maui. She began to reminisce about what other smells reminded her of places she has traveled, triggering happy memories, which she could share through a custom line of fragrant soy candles. Her goal is to inspire customers to take a break, have fun, unleash creativity and connect with their “inner child.” Even the company logo, based on the Hawaiian legend of Kauila, is a Hawaiian sea turtle “Honu” reflecting the playful nature of the brand.

Inner Child Home reached out to Custom Paper Tubes after being inspired by a paper tube cosmetic package that showed up in their packaging research as the mother-daughter pair were starting up their business. They needed a package that would: reflect the story of each scent, while keeping the label on the candle jars minimal; not have corners, like a box, which would crush in transit; and fit their small quantity and budget requirements.

The Custom Paper Tubes team successfully provided a solution to meet their needs that consisted of a seamed metal bottom, metal plug top package. It was economical, could be customized with their own adhesive sticker labels to reflect the fun, playful nature of the company brand and each individual scent, and strong enough to protect the glass inside from being crushed in shipping/handling.

“We actually did find a less expensive provider but we want to work with a company that can be a long-term partner, not a one-off purchase. We are big on the concept of Ohana (family) at Inner Child and Custom Paper Tubes felt like Ohana. For my daughter, the picture of Buckeye on the brochure was what sealed the deal.” – Julia Schillaci, Founder

Custom Paper Tubes custom designs and manufactures paper tube packaging for consumer retail and industrial products. We provide solutions to your packaging problems, such as reducing product breakage, while helping your product stand out from the competition and increase brand value.