Cosmetics Packaging With Custom Labeling Reflects Designer Brands

November 15th, 2012

cardboard tube cosmetics packagingElizabeth Arden is an internationally renowned cosmetics company, specializing in celebrity branding of cosmetics, perfumes, and men’s cologne.  Some of their well-known brands include Elizabeth Taylor, Usher, Taylor Swift, Maria Carey, Red Door, Juicy Couture, White Diamonds and Grey Flannel.

The White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor product line offers both perfumes and talc powders.  Because the talc powder includes scented oils, we designed a paper container with shaker top that included a greaseproof liner to prevent bleed, allowing the customer to fill the container from the bottom and easily insert a friction fit, leak resistant plug to seal. A custom printed foil stamped label projects a simple, yet elegant, image that mirrors Elizabeth Taylor’s style.

The Grey Flannel line by Geoffrey Beane promotes products for men.  For this application, Custom Paper Tubes designed a rugged container using recycled paper, metal bottom and a metal plug top.  The customer wanted to fit their bottle snugly, so we designed a non-industry standard size metal seamed end and metal plug top to accommodate their cologne bottle.

In both instances, our ability to provide customizable, eye-catching packaging allowed us to fulfill our customer’s needs while reinforcing their branding efforts.  Our years of experience serving the packaging needs of customers in the cosmetics and personal care market sectors combined with our mix of state-of-the art equipment, custom design capabilities, and highly skilled personnel results in functional packaging solutions that compliment your brand.  To learn more about our tube packaging capabilities for cosmetics and personal care applications, or to request a sample or quote, contact Custom Paper Tubes today for more information.