Easy Open and Foil Membrane Canisters Video

August 22nd, 2011

Foil Membrane Canisters
Among its offerings, Custom Paper Tubes manufactures canisters with an easy-open top or a foil-membrane top, perfect for a variety of custom packaging needs. The following video illustrates these offerings:

Video Transcription:

Custom paper tubes manufactures composite cans with easy open and foil membrane tops. This is an example of an easy open top that has the ring pull tab. This is an example of a foil membrane top. It has a foil membrane, also with a pull tab. Both are available with plastic over caps.

When composite cans with easy open or foil membranes are sold, they are shipped with a loose metal bottom. You fill your canister with appropriate product, apply the metal bottom and adhere it on with your seamer machine.

These container styles are available in food grade and non food grade configurations. Typically they’re used for food applications, but they also have been used for packaging games and other items.