“Green” Eco-Friendly Packaging: Newsletter Issue #1

August 17th, 2011

100% Recyclable Packaging

Our customers frequently ask us to supply “Green” or “Eco Friendly” packaging options for their products. Custom Paper Tubes has been supplying “Eco-Friendly” “Green Packaging” or “Sustainable Packaging” for decades. Eco-friendly packaging from Custom Paper Tubes features:

  • 100% Recycled Fiber Canister Bodies
  • Up to 90% Post Consumer Content
  • All Paper designs are 100% Recyclable

Using recycled fibers to manufacture recyclable packaging is an important factor in reducing the environmental impact of packaging in the waste stream. Custom Paper Tubes is well known for using recycled fibers and for their commitment to producing environmentally friendly packaging for their clients.

If you would like to offer your products in “green”, natural and eco-friendly packaging, Custom Paper Tubes is ready to assist. We have been using recycled paper materials and offering “Earth Friendly” soy based inks throughout our history and stand ready to create a package for you that is attractive, effective and environmentally responsible.   Below are four customer case studies which showcase Eco-friendly solutions to packaging challenges.

Three Piece Telescope Tube

This Three Piece Telescope Tube is an Example of Sustainable Packaging

Our West Coast customer, Babeland, needed an elegant and strong point of purchase package for their candle. We designed a three piece telescope tube which accomplished their goal. The canister features one color printing plus foil stamp providing a simple yet elegant package solution.

Eco Friendly Packing

Eco Friendly Two Piece Telescope Canisters

This customer supplies high end personal care products to health clubs, spas, resorts and country clubs. Many of their products are private labeled for their end use customers. We designed two piece telescope canisters with luxurious non printed wraps. This allows the customer the flexibility to individually identify their products with adhesive labels in any quantity and for any of their customers.

Full Telescopic Container with Curled Inner Inner Sleeve

Full Telescopic Container with Curled Inner Inner Sleeve

One of our customers, Nutraskin, wanted a container with a soft touch that could be opened and closed repeatedly. We designed a container with a flock outer wrap that was soft to the touch. It was a full telescopic container with the inner sleeve curled in to accommodate repeated opening and closing.

Eco Friendly Packaging For Gourmet Foods Market

Eco Friendly Packaging For Gourmet Foods Market

Our customer, a supplier of Artisanal Salt from Mexico’s Pacific Coast Lagoons, was looking for “Eco-Friendly” packaging for their gourmet salt products. Working with the customer, we designed a food grade package that is both sustainable and consistent with their market. As an added value, we also offer fulfillment services. We arranged to have their bulk salt sent to our facility, allowing us to deliver filled canisters to the customer, saving them time and money.

Custom Paper Tubes offers a wide variety of diameters and lengths with multiple closure and decoration options to meet your packaging needs. Environmental sensitivity can be attained without compromising your product. To learn more about sustainable, eco-friendly packaging, or to discuss your project, contact Custom Paper Tubes today!