Cardboard Canister Food Grade Packaging

April 18th, 2011

Custom Paper Tubes offers you a wide range of canister or lined cardboard tube food grade packaging options, depending upon your product and requirements.  Our packaging engineers can help you determine the optimal combination of thickness, inner liners and outer wraps or labels based on your requirements. The exact food you need to package typically dictates many of the physical requirements of the canister.

Below are several examples:

  • Shelf life of the food
  • POP advertising or shelf appeal of the product
  • Protection from moisture and air
  • Damp or “greasy” products may require interior moisture barriers like greaseproof or foil
  • Food grade and FDA-compliant specifications

One requirement for custom food grade packaging, for virtually any item that will be displayed in a retail environment, is a 4-color printed exterior of the canister.

As mentioned above, moisture barrier protection on the interior of the canister is often needed for powdered and grated foods, whose quality may be harmed by clumping and product degradation, if they come in contact with moisture. Our customers often require Shaker Tops for dispensing powdered or granule sized foods, condiments and spices.

Canisters designed to hold food such as cookies, tea, coffee, grated cheese, cocoa, etc. must meet an FDA approval for food packaging. This primarily means the interior wrap must meet certain specifications. In addition, food product packaging in paper canisters requires that your canister must meet certain anti-tampering requirements. Cardboard or paperboard canisters with EZ Open Ring Pull and Foil Membrane closures at the top end are tamper resistant and provide a mostly air-tight seal, helping the food inside stay fresh.

One final consideration when it comes to packaging foods in a cardboard canister is the environment. Custom Paper Tubes is a leader in environmentally responsible packaging. Paper canisters are an excellent choice to distinguish your company and food products by offering them in environmentally friendly materials; also known as green, sustainable or eco-friendly packaging.