Eco-Friendly Shaker Top Packaging for Food Grade, Crawling Insect Killer

December 18th, 2013

SCRAM Crawling Insect KillerSCRAM Crawling Insect Killer was developed by a commercial property owner who wanted a non-toxic insect pest-control method, rather than using the highly toxic products currently on the market that pose health risks to tenants and their pets. SCRAM is an all-natural powder, containing fossilized silica from the remains of tiny marine creatures, that is food grade and safe for people and pets. It kills bugs and deodorizes at the same time, without the harmful residue poisonous chemicals can create or leave behind.

Gartland Properties, creators of SCRAM, came to Custom Paper Tubes for cost-effective and eco-friendly shaker top packaging for the all-natural powder. Two container sizes were developed; a sample size and a full size. Both container sizes have a friction fit talc shaker top and food grade foil inside as a moisture barrier for the powder. The friction fit talc tops have a safety seal that pressure must be applied to break the plastic in order to open after purchasing. Adhesive labels, printed by Blue Label Digital, are applied to the outside of the containers. The brightly colored, glossy labels provide a high level of visibility and eye-appeal on the retail shelf.

Custom Paper Tubes has over 30 years of experience creating attractive and functional, eco-friendly tube packaging solutions. Our in-house production capabilities and packaging specialists provide custom solutions to your packaging challenges. To explore available eco-friendly or food grade packaging options, or to request a sample kit or quote, contact Custom Paper Tubes for more information.