Re-usable Ring-and-Plug Container Keeps Coffee Fresh

January 21st, 2013

Oro LifeOro Life produces private label coffee projects and recently partnered with Custom Paper Tubes to create an eco-friendly, cardboard canister for Espressoita, a maker of single serving Espresso packets for espresso machines.  The finished canister features a vibrant color scheme and a Ring and Plug closure top which can be opened easily to remove individual espresso packets.  When finished, the plug is simply replaced to seal the canister, keeping the contents fresh.   This design also makes the canister ideal for the storage of household items after the last espresso packet is used. 

Espressoita is committed to eco-friendly, recyclable packaging, sustainable farming and maintaining a reduced carbon footprint.  Custom Paper Tubes worked with Espressoita’s designers to develop sustainable cardboard tube packaging manufactured from recycled materials that provides excellent shelf presence to increase customer acceptance and helps the company meet their corporate commitment to the environment.

Although interest in Eco-Friendly packaging is at an all-time high, at Custom Paper Tubes, we have been providing sustainable packaging solutions since we opened our doors in 1979. Our vast experience designing and manufacturing earth friendly packaging, state-of-the art equipment, and a team of highly dedicated personnel who share your vision for a more sustainable planet stand ready to meet all of your green packaging requirements.  To learn more about sustainable packaging options, or to request a quote or sample, contact the green packaging experts at Custom Paper Tubes for more information.