Shaker Top Tube Packaging Video

August 23rd, 2011

Shaker Top Tube Packaging
A tube with a shaker top provides the perfect solution for granule or powdered products requiring dispensing directly from the packaging, such as powdered soaps or spices. The following video showcases some of our shaker top tube packaging options:

Video Transcription:

Custom Paper Tubes manufactures canisters with shaker tops for powders, cheeses, coarse items, salt, food, and other products of that nature. These are examples of canisters that are typically used for talc or soap powder. This one is highly decorated. High in point of purchase, it has a very nice outer wrap on it. Very nice cover.

This extensive art work. Curl on this top, curl on this bottom and it makes a very nice presentation for the retail point of purchase shelf.  These are also available in a smaller diameter and you don’t need the over cap, you can just have the shaker top with rotor. There are two examples of the inch and a half size, inch and 7/8 size and we also have an inch and quarter size for powders. When we go to the food product line, we typically go with a larger diameter. We have two and a half and three inch diameters for the food line.

This is a cheese canister.  This is a baking powder canister. And we also offer several different tops.

Other options include a spoon opening with a stop, and we also have the spoon opening with the larger holes for granular items like Parmesan cheese. All are available with food grade materials. This one has a foil. We also have parchment and we have some completely recyclable liners that are available for food products. These can be closed with a metal end seamed on the bottom, or we can supply a friction fit plastic plug that is added in this fashion after the canister is filled with the powder.