Custom Sample vs Sample Kit — Which one is right for me?

April 10th, 2017

Sample packaging can often aid in visualizing a packaging concept. We offer both a general sample kit and the ability to order custom prototype packaging samples.

The general sample kit contains a variety of packaging styles, with and without food grade liners, and a variety of popular enclosures. The kit is perfect for those who are not familiar with paper tube packaging or are starting the researching phase for packaging, and want to see several options that might work well for their particular product. The kit is also great for designers and private-label manufacturers to have on-hand to show and educate clients who are interested in paper tubes for their product packaging.

A custom made sample is the best solution for customers who already have a specific package in mind, as well as required dimensions or product fit part on-hand. Custom prototype samples are designed and manufactured, just as a regular order would be, but for the purpose of creating finalized mock-ups for market testing, and to ensure the perfect fit with the product to be packaged inside. We highly recommend custom manufactured prototypes for all newly designed packaging that will be produced with labeling and any packaging which will require high volume production runs. This ensures quality and fit of packaging with the product, with any adjustments needing to be made, prior to investing in a full production run.

For further assistance with paper tube packaging samples, call us toll free 1-800-343-8823.