Determining the best paper tube packaging solution for your products

April 10th, 2017

We offer a variety of packaging sizes, styles and enclosure options to choose from (over 37,000 combinations actually) and we know that can be overwhelming. Our premier paper tube packaging is a perfect extension to your brand; making a visual impact on your customers and helping your product to stand out from your competition. We partner with our customers by providing individualized, custom designed and manufactured total packaging solutions specific for their need. Here are some factors to consider when working with us:

  • What is your packaging project budget? How does it reflect the expectations of the retail price point of your product?
  • What is your decision making process for the packaging project? Are you the sole decision maker or do you rely on a committee or team for input?
  • What is your product to be packaged? Does the packaging need to be air tight, accommodate food, moisture resistant, or will it be used as a secondary package?

  • Which is more important — recyclable or biodegradable?
  • What are your preferences in purchasing packaging made in the USA vs. overseas?
  • What is your purchasing timeline? Or what is your product launch goal?

Have additional questions about our packaging? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions web page or call us at 800-343-8823 to speak with one of our account managers today.