Stock vs Custom Manufactured Packaging

April 10th, 2017

Custom Paper Tubes specializes in manufacturing a variety of paper tube packaging that includes premium packaging for high-end retail products, as well as unique and small diameter paper tube cores for industrial markets. Customers come to us because a current supplier is unable to manufacture a small size diameter paper tube, or they are frustrated from experiencing difficulty sourcing specific tube styles or enclosure options. We have capacity to service high volume runs of 100,000 units or more as well as custom prototype runs of 100 tubes or less.

We feel it is just as important to support our small business customers as our large corporate customers. Large companies had to start somewhere, and we have seen over the years how our small business customers have grown quickly with our paper tube packaging supporting their product brand. These small businesses didn’t always start with custom though.

Many small businesses come to us to provide packaging that will help get them off the ground and stand out from their competition. We developed a stock packaging line in a variety of paper tube packaging styles, sizes and enclosure options that provides a unique way for our small business customers to package their product to stand out, apply their own branding and customization with self-adhesive labels and grow into a custom packaging solution. The stock packaging options are all lined with our food grade greaseproof liner to meet requirements of a variety of consumer markets. The plain Kraft spiral outer wrap allows for our customers to apply their own creative branding to make the paper tubes their own customized packaging.

Get your product to-market and stand out from your competition. Package to be different with eco-friendly paper tube packaging today! Contact our team at 1-800-343-8823 to discuss custom designed packaging or to order one of our stock packaging options.