Thinking of Mom

February 16th, 2017

holiday-packaging-trioIt’s mid-February and visions of cupid, hearts and flowers are giving way to shamrocks, green beer and hopes of warmer temperatures. While the rest of the world is thinking about next month’s shenanigans, we want to take a moment to focus on Mom. In the retail world, Mothers’ Day is the third largest holiday, next to the Christmas shopping season and Back-to-School time. While flowers and greeting cards make up the majority of the gifts given to mothers, retail products that pamper mom, such as candles, bath bombs and wine, are also very popular and extra thought should be given when planning for your product’s retail packaging for this holiday.

Custom designed and manufactured paper tube packaging provides an unique way to package your product to stand out for Mothers’ Day. Special touches, such as metallic foil print, opalescent paper stock, embossing and ribbons, to name a few, are all customization options that help retail packaging go from “blah” to “wow.” Packaging is an extension to your brand, and high-end packaging that is unique, beautiful and well thought-out will make a bold statement to your customers that your product is the best. And when thinking about Mom, we feel she deserves nothing but the best.

three piece cardboard telescope tubes