Custom See-Through Clear Plastic Tube Packaging Video

August 19th, 2011

See Through Canisters
Besides our traditional line of cardboard / paper based tube packaging options, we also manufacture clear plastic packaging “Reveal” tubes.  The following video highlights this clear plastic tubing option:

Video Transcription:

Custom Paper Tubes manufactures see through canisters when you want your product to shine through and show through the canister.  We have these available with paper tops and bottoms. Here’s an example of a brush that was packaged in one of our see through canisters. The client wanted  the customers to be able to see the product through the canister and provide a very nice presentation.  We also have completely see-through canisters with welded on plastic vial, see through, with a cap that comes also see through, and these are available in several different sizes.  We also manufacture canisters with see through tops, this is a clear curl and disc top so you can see inside the canister from the top, here’s a smaller version of the same type of canister. It’s a two piece telescope with a see through top.

We also have a new item which is a see through canister with a pop top available and a plastic over cap. These are useful for candies, nuts. Things of that nature. They are food grade, and it’s very easy to fill these. We supply the canister with the easy open top seamed on and loose over cap. And then a push-in bottom. It is simple. After you fill it you push this in and you’ve got a package ready to go.