Recyclable Shaker Top Containers Allow for Easy Application of All-Natural Dry Pet Shampoo

November 25th, 2013

Holcombe OrganicsHolcombe Organics created FurRefresh out of necessity in an animal rescue environment. The condition of which the animals were arriving was a growing concern, and most were too traumatized to bathe without risking personal harm. Also, a good, chemical-free dry shampoo was nearly impossible to find in retail stores. This lead Holcombe Organics to develop FurRefresh — a dry shampoo made with culinary ingredients that could be licked by the animals without harm. It also cleans, conditions and brightens fur, calms itchy skin and repels insects.

Holcombe Organics came to Custom Paper Tubes to produce cost-effective and eco-friendly shaker top containers that would allow for easy application of the all-natural, dry pet shampoo. The shampoo is a dense powder that requires a screen top to dispense rather than a talc top. There are four available scents: lavender, vanilla, clove and cinnamon. As a start-up, Holcombe Organics was in need of purchasing a smaller volume of containers that could be labeled to distinguish the four different scents in an economical way. Custom Paper Tubes partnered with Blue Label Digital to create FurRefresh containers that are labeled with adhesive labels that are eye catching and affordable.  In dedication to animal rescue, Holcombe Organics donates a percentage of each sale of FurRefresh directly to responsible rescue groups to help our 4-legged friends in need.

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