Custom, Full Telescope Package Protects Glass Bottle and Light Sensitive Product, While Differentiating Brand from Competition

May 10th, 2016

mission-possibleBlack Note came to Custom Paper Tubes for a package solution that not only provides protection to a glass 30mL bottle and the product’s integrity from light, but also distinguishes the Black Note brand as a quality, premium line of e-liquids from an ever-growing sea of e-vapor start-up competitors. Black Note knew a custom designed, paper tube package was the key to standing out, as well as providing the protection needed for the product.

Black Note chose a unique take on the 3-piece telescope, also known as a full telescope, package. The long cap tube allows for a reveal of the product inside the package as it is removed from the base tube. A custom printed disc at the top of the curl-and-disc enclosure on the cap shows off the Black Note brand, while a custom printed sticker label is applied around the outside of the cap, over the matte black spiral outer wrap. The custom printed sticker is made and applied in-house by Black Note, with the option for variable data printing to differentiate and customize the labels for the variety of flavors and nicotine levels available. Black Note offers a range of nicotine levels that encourages smokers to move down through the scales of “notes” from a high nicotine content at a high “Soprano” note to no nicotine at the lowest “Bass” note.

One core value in common between Custom Paper Tubes and Black Note is our shared concern for the Earth and environment. Our all-paper constructions, including telescoping tubes with paper curl-and-disc enclosure, are biodegradable and recyclable. All scrap from our manufacturing processes is collected and recycled for renewed use in our materials. Black Note chose Custom Paper Tubes with this core value and eco-consciousness in mind, as well as adopted their own recycle program for re-use of the paper tube packaging.

For over 50 years, Custom Paper Tubes has specialized in the design and manufacture of sustainable, eco-friendly paper tube packaging that represents our customers’ values and differentiates them from their competitors in a diverse range of retail product markets. Our containers are eco-friendly, biodegradable and sustainable, and are customized to your product requirements. Whether a large quantity or short run, Custom Paper Tubes is able to create the specific canister or custom retail packaging you envision. We believe in creating long-lasting relationships with our employees, customers, suppliers and community. We package to be different.Black-Note-Adiago