Earth Friendly 3-Piece Telescope Packaging Showcases All-Natural Body Care Products’ Brand

January 7th, 2014

perfumes-for-webHidden Folk, located in Chicago, IL, is a brand that encompasses a variety of natural goods and services, including floral arrangements and luxury apothecary products. The creators are florists who came together and expanded upon their enthusiasm for nature and knowledge of flora to create a line of all natural body care products.

Hidden Folk came to Custom Paper Tubes with a need for biodegradable, eco-friendly secondary packaging for their roll-on perfumes. Their vision is to be as all-natural as possible and being a startup company, Hidden Folk needed the packaging to be cost-effective at lower volume. Custom Paper Tubes offers custom, standard paper tube packaging solutions as Startup Specials, available in small volume at a special cost.

Hidden Folk found the 1″ x 3-1/2″ 3-piece telescope container with curl-and-disc (rolled edge) top and bottom to be a perfect fit for their roll-on perfume. They customized the full telescoping, all-paper construction by requesting our stock matte black spiral outer wrap. Hidden Folk applies designed adhesive sticker labels to the outside of the packaging to show off their branding and packaging contents. After insertion of the perfume container, they add a final touch of wound, natural twine to keep the container secure.

For over 30 years Custom Paper Tubes has provided earth friendly packaging solutions to customers in diverse markets ranging from cosmetics and personal care to gourmet food and point of purchase retail.  We understand that packaging choices speak volumes about your company’s commitment to sustainability, and this in turn, resonates with your customers.  To learn more about sustainable packaging, or to request a quote, contact Customer Paper Tubes for more information.