Point of Purchase Three Piece Telescoping Tube Packaging

March 20th, 2012

Point of Purchase Telescoping Tube PackagingPoint of purchase retail is a highly competitive landscape that requires cost effective, eye catching graphics and packaging to move product from retailer shelves into the hands of value conscious consumers. At Custom Paper Tubes, we understand the challenges associated with point of purchase retail, and we can create unique cardboard tube packaging designs that will boost sales and improve your bottom line.

Home products customer, Anne Terada, sought a cost effective, point of purchase tube packaging solution for candles and fragrance spray bottles sold in upscale department stores and specialty shops such as Pier One and World Market.  Custom Paper Tubes designed a three piece telescoping cardboard tube featuring black outer wrap, a gold liner for a luxurious look and feel, and printed labels for product identification.  The improved point of purchase cardboard canister created a perception of added value, increasing sales by over the existing design.  Because the same telescoping canister was used both for candles and spray bottles, the customer saved on packaging costs too.

If your project requires a cost effective, luxurious cardboard tube package that provides shelf presence and strengthened sales, contact the packaging experts at Custom Paper Tubes for a quote.  We have 30 plus years of experience designing and manufacturing innovative cardboard and plastic tube packaging solutions for a wide range of customers from cosmetics to point of purchase retail applications.  Our proven track record, combined with highly trained personnel and best-in-class equipment are all that is needed to take your packaging concept from the drawing board to retailer shelves. To learn more about cardboard tube packaging for point of purchase applications, or to request a quote, contact Custom Paper Tubes today.