Rugged metal ends and heavy wall on full telescope containers provide critical protection

February 15th, 2013

The Moody TubeIn 1987 Bob Moody, a paramedic with a local EMS unit, came to Custom Paper Tubes with a problem. He had experienced a needle stick from a used syringe while making a routine service run and was told by a hospital physician that it would take a year to determine whether that needle stick would result in his developing AIDS or some other serious disease.

Bob asked Custom Paper Tubes to work with him to develop a container that would fit into the drug box used by paramedics to collect all the items used on a service run. We designed a 4” x 8” full telescope container with metal ends that can be taped shut and disposed of in the burn box when the ambulance returns to a hospital.

Custom Paper Tubes named this container the “Moody Tube” and used a label with the appropriate symbol and color for hazardous material. We have trademarked the Moody Tube name and sell the containers to hospitals to support their local EMS units.

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