Three Piece Telescope Point of Purchase Package

August 17th, 2012

Three Piece Point of Purchase Telescope TubeEaurganic, a Canadian based manufacturer of award winning organic skin care products, chose earth friendly paper tube packaging to reflect both their corporate commitment to sustainability and the quality of their product line.  Each of Eaurganic’s proprietary formulas combines natural and certified organic herb and fruit seed extracts with essential oils.  The company’s products are free of toxins, synthetic fragrances and dyes, and none of their formulas are tested on animals.

Eaurganic partnered with Custom Paper Tubes to produce their packaging due to our 30 plus years of experience in the cosmetic and personal care industries and our eco-friendly approach to high quality tube packaging solutions.  The customer required packaging that was not only elegant and sustainable but also flexible in design to accommodate multiple sizes of their products.

Telescoping Cardboard TubesThe finished package is a three piece telescope with curl and disc paper ends constructed from recycled materials containing a high percentage of post-consumer content.  The top portion of this canister is manufactured in multiple lengths to accommodate a wide range of products in varying quantity sizes.  A glued-in-place disc insert attached to the base of the canister securely holds the product in place.  The package also serves as a point of purchase display.  When the top of the telescope is removed, the product is exposed.  The bottom section of the telescope features a false bottom and centering platform to improve “shelf appeal”.

If your next project requires sustainable, point of purchase packaging with flexible design parameters, consider Custom Paper Tubes.  We have a winning combination of experience, equipment, and trained personnel that is sure to create a paper tube package that will delight your customers.  To learn more about our tube packaging capabilities, or to request a sample or quote, contact Custom Paper Tubes today!