Three Piece Telescoping Cardboard Tube Packaging Video

August 24th, 2011

Three Piece Telescoping Tube Packaging
In addition to our Two-Piece Telescoping Tube Packaging offerings, we also offer a three-piece telescoping tube variation. The following video describes our three-piece telescoping container option:

Video Transcription:

Custom Paper Tubes manufactures telescope tubes for high quality packaging of high quality products. Custom Paper Tubes makes two and three piece telescopes, this is a three piece telescope.  You have your bottom outer, your top outer and then your insert so the 3 pieces 1, 2, 3. The side of the telescope is even with the top and the bottom.

Two piece telescopes feature 2 tubes. The inner tube is a smaller diameter. And you have an unlike diameter; one smaller tube fits inside the other tube.

Please Note: We no longer manufacture flat top packaging.