Three Piece Telescoping Cardboard Tubes for Point of Purchase Packaging

September 8th, 2011
Three Piece Telescoping Tube

Three Piece Telescoping Tube

Custom Paper Tubes designs and manufactures specialty packaging for a wide range of retail applications. Multiple closures and construction options, combined with a wide range of available sizes, allows Custom Paper Tubes to meet all of your custom retail packaging needs. Point of purchase packaging serves two distinct purposes in retail environments: creating an image that reinforces the notion of brand, quality, and value while preventing product damage.

Our West Coast customer, Babeland, needed an elegant and strong point of purchase package for their candle. We designed a three piece telescope tube, which accomplished their goal. This cardboard canister features a full convoluted label with one color printing plus foil stamp that provides a simple, yet elegant, packaging solution.

The three piece telescope designed for this point of purchase application is sometimes called a “Full Telescope.” Telescoping cardboard tubes look great on retailer shelves and provide a certain “wow” factor when consumers open them to use their recent purchase, but the benefits of cardboard telescoping packaging don’t end here. Three piece cardboard telescope packages provide strength thanks to their dual wall construction. Telescoping tubes are available with seamed-on metal ends or curl and disc paper ends. Although the cardboard canisters shown here are for a point of purchase retail application, telescoping tubes can be used for cosmetics, food, powders, personal care items, or any other application where enhancing your product’s appearance is important. Three piece telescoping packaging tubes from Custom Paper Tubes are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including:

• Inside Diameters from 1″ to 5″
• Lengths up to 24″
• Environmentally friendly packaging – all of our containers contain recycled paper
• Food grade and greaseproof liners are available for all designs

Whether high quantity or short run, Custom Paper Tubes is able to create the specific point of purchase specialty packaging that will delight your customers and keep your products free from damage or breakage. Our in-house design and production capabilities can provide solutions to all of your custom retail packaging challenges. Turn your vision into reality. Call on our experience and ability for all of your specialty packaging needs. To learn more about point of purchase packaging, three piece telescoping cardboard tubes, or to request a quote, contact Custom Paper Tubes for more information.