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Food Grade Packaging

  • Nationally recognized as one of the premier food grade packaging companies in the industry, offering natural or green packaging materials.
  • Paper tubes are an excellent choice to distinguish your company from the ordinary. Think outside the "box".
  • Environmentally friendly packaging materials (Also known as green, sustainable or eco friendly packaging materials).

Food Grade Packaging

Custom Paper Tubes has a wide range of custom food grade packaging solutions:

  • EZ Open and Foil Membrane ends are tamper resistant and provide an air-tight seal
  • Shaker Tops for dispensing powder and granule sized foods
  • Reusable Plastic and Metal plugs
  • Metal Ring and Plug canisters
  • Specialty retail packaging for wine, liquor and spirit bottles
  • All paper, eco-friendly 2-Piece and 3-Piece Telescopes and Paper Cap containers provide visually appealing secondary packaging for food products on the retail shelf
  • Dowload a PDF of our food grade packaging brochure

Food Grade Packaging

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