Cardboard Tubes With Moisture Proof, Tamper Evident, Foil Seal Membranes Keep Your Product Fresh And Safe

August 18th, 2011
Composite Cans

Composite Cans Offer a Great Way to Keep Bread Crumbs Fresh!

Foil Membrane Top Canisters provide an economical and attractive solution to many packaging challenges. They are versatile and offer a wide variety of decoration options. Custom Paper Tubes Foil Membrane canisters are available in several diameters and heights to accommodate your specific volume requirements. Canisters are light weight and are earth friendly with a high percentage of recycled materials.  In this post, we will explore some of the uses and applications for cardboard tubes containing moisture proof, tamper evident, foil seal membranes.

FDA Food Grade Cardboard Tubes

FDA Food Grade Materials


Food Grade Membrane Lined Canisters With Easy Open Tops

Food Grade Membrane Lined Canisters With Easy Open Tops


Foil and Easy Open Tops offer superior protection for powdered drink mixes, nutritional supplements and other powdered foods.


Food Grade Canisters With Plastic Over Caps

Food Grade Canisters With Plastic Over Caps


Foil membranes with plastic over caps are major nut and snack manufacturers’ most popular choice to keep their products fresh and looking good on the retail shelf.  Canisters can be supplied with full color wraps or plain wrap if you prefer to apply the labels. Perfectly tamper proof.

Canisters are available in standard inside diameters of

  • 2-9/16″ (211)
  • 3-5/16″ (307)
  • 3-15/16″ (401)
  • 5″ (502)

Lengths are provided to fit your specific requirement. We can also arrange for seaming equipment to match your size canister.

Custom Paper Tubes has over 30 years experience manufacturing Eco-friendly packaging for commercial, retail and industrial applications.  With years of experience in the food packaging industry, we have the solutions needed to keep your products safe and fresh.  To learn more about food grade packaging, or to request a quote, contact Custom Paper Tubes for more information.