Ring and Plug Top Canisters Video

August 19th, 2011

Ring and Plug Top Canisters
Custom Paper Tube manufactures Ring and Plug top packaging tubes used for a variety of product packaging purposes. This video illustrates ring and plug top offerings:

Video Transcription:

Custom Paper Tubes manufactures canisters with ring and plug tops. This is an example. This is very useful for a customer who does not have their own seamer machine and yet would like to package there product with a closed top. The ring and plug.

The canister comes with the metal inseams on the bottom, and ring seamed on the top, in to which the metal plug fits. You fill your canister and then simply push the metal top on and you have a canister ready for the retail shelf. These are available in multiple sizes with food grade liners or without food grade liners. This is an example of a canister with a foil food grade liner. This canister had a parchment or recyclable food grade liner. The metal tops are available in silver.