Eco-Friendly Three Piece Telescoping Packaging Tubes with Custom Labels

April 13th, 2012
Custom sized kraft wrapped three piece telescoping canister

Kraft Wrapped Three Piece Telescoping Canister - Click to Enlarge Image

Skeem Design, a company known for the manufacture of specialty candles and matches, recently turned to Custom Paper Tubes to create an eco-friendly packaging solution for their new line of roll-on perfumes.  For this project, Custom Paper Tubes created a custom-sized, kraft-wrapped, three piece telescoping packaging tube.  By applying their own labels and using the same sized canister for all six unique scents, Skeem reduced both their packaging and inventory costs.  As an added bonus, our customer can now add additional flavors to their fragrance line without ordering a new run of pre-printed canisters.

A Budget Minded Approach to Earth Friendly Tube Packaging
Whether you are bringing a new product to market or seeking a fresh approach to an existing offering, Custom Paper Tubes can create a sustainable tube packaging solution to meet your needs and budget.  Don’t let pre-printed tube minimum order sizes stand in the way of bringing your products to market.  For customers with smaller order requirements, applying pre-printed labels to plain kraft tubes may be the perfect solution.  Need help deciding which option is best for your project?  Contact Custom Paper Tubes for more information on going green or to request a quote on eco-friendly tube packaging.

three piece cardboard telescope tubes

Eco-Friendly Telescoping Tubes - Click to Enlarge Image