Custom Adhesive Labels Offer Cost-Effective Packaging Solutions: March 2012 Newsletter

March 29th, 2012
Custom labeled two piece telescoping tube package

Hot Shots Cinnamon Candy

The economics of small quantity, custom production is a challenge for every manufacturer, regardless of the industry. Custom Paper Tubes recognizes the importance of short-run, custom packaging projects. We serve customers of all sizes and are known for providing quantities from just a few hundred pieces to several million.

For printed canisters, our minimum run is 5,000 pieces. For many start ups and prototype projects, 5,000 pieces is just too many. Many customers with smaller projects have found a solution by using attractively designed adhesive or “sticker” labels to create eye-catching packaging with shelf appeal.

Almost every printer found in local phone books and Yellow Pages can supply adhesive labels. Most offer a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Circles, square and rectangle designs are natural fits for paper tube canisters. Sticker labels offer flexibility when multiple flavors or designs use the same size canister.
Labeled canisters provide a custom solution

Paper Tube Canisters with Adhesive Labels

By using Custom Paper Tubes paper cap kraft canisters and adhesive sticker labels, Wild Carrot Herbals is able to create brand identity across their varied product line (below). This keeps packaging costs in check while providing eco-friendly solutions.

Paper cap kraft canisters with adhesive labels

Paper Cap Kraft Canisters with Adhesive Labels for Cosmetics

Dove Chocolate Discoveries has created a home products based business plan offering chocolate enthusiasts the opportunity to sell Dove Chocolate products from their homes. They offer dozens of products to their associates. By utilizing Custom Paper Tubes kraft wrap canisters (below), they can apply the appropriate labels as products are created. This reduces packaging costs by eliminating the need to inventory mulitple packages. Using adhesive sticker labels offers flexibility and economy that is not possible using preprinted packaging.

100% recycled fiber packaging

Kraft Wrap Canister

Kraft wrap canister with sticker label
Food-grade Kraft Wrap Canister with Adhesive Label


All-Paper Custom Packaging SolutionsWe offer a wide range of  “all paper” sustainable packaging. The photo at right showcases the variety of all-paper canisters we offer. Decorate them to your specifications and achieve environmental sensitivity without compromising your product.

Custom Paper Tubes has over 30 years of experience manufacturing eco-friendly packaging for commercial, retail and industrial applications. To learn more about custom packaging products, or to request a quote, contact us today.