Insulating and Vibration Dampening Properties of Paper Tubes: MTS Sensors Case Study

August 10th, 2012
insulating paper tubes

1/8” diameter paper tube with coin for scale

MTS Sensors is a worldwide producer of position sensors for OEM’s servicing the agricultural, automotive, construction, and mining industries.  Their equipment uses long, delicate wire probes that require protection from vibration and exposure to chemical or corrosive environments.

The natural insulating and vibration dampening characteristics of our paper tubes provide an ideal solution to this customer’s problem.   Our specialized equipment allow us to produce long, custom paper tube with extremely small diameters. We can fabricate paper tubes with diameters as small as .100” (1/10”) I.D. in lengths to 26 feet. The tubes for this application are made at Custom Paper Tubes’ Cleveland, Ohio plant and shipped to MTS manufacturing plants in the US, Germany and Japan.  To learn more about MTS Sensors’ story, visit their website at

Although many of our customers know us for our point of purchase packaging and food grade canisters used for consumer markets, Custom Paper Tubes has manufactured electrical insulating and vibration dampening tubes for industrial and OEM applications since 1979.  If your industrial application requires special lengths, diameters, or wall thicknesses, a custom paper tube manufactured to your specifications may be the ideal solution.  To learn more about our custom manufacturing capabilities, discuss your project, or request a sample or quote, contact Custom Paper Tubes today!

vibration dampening paper tubes

Tubes bundled for shipment to North Carolina, Germany, and Japan