Sustainable Food Grade Packaging

October 14th, 2011

Sustainable Food Grade PackagingInterest in eco-friendly, sustainable packaging is on the rise as manufacturers and consumers are searching for new ways to become better stewards of the environment.  Manufacturers are embracing green packaging in response to consumer demand for products featuring sustainable packaging.  Many consumers now see Earth Friendly Packaging as a means of differentiation between similar brands.  Savvy shoppers are looking to reduce household contributions to landfills, and as a result, they are rewarding manufacturers that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

Green packaging is also having a positive impact on sales revenue.  In some parts of the retail world, going green can mean the difference between your products lingering on the shelf and getting added to the cart.  Sustainable packaging is particularly popular with trendy retailers such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

Our customer, a supplier of artisanal salt from Mexico’s Pacific Coast Lagoons, contacted Custom Paper Tubes about “eco-friendly” packaging for their gourmet salt products. Company owners sought to replace plastic bag packaging with sustainable containers as part of a corporate go-green initiative.

Working with the customer, we designed a food grade package that is both sustainable and consistent with their market. Our Eco-Friendly packaging solution consists of a cardboard tube and end cap both made from post-consumer materials, combined with a food grade liner. The bottom is glued in place and the Kraft paper cap top fits like a slip cover over the top.  The labeling is printed using environmentally friendly, soy based inks.  As an added value, we also offered fulfillment services for this packaging, having bulk salt shipped to our facility to deliver filled canisters to the customer, saving them time and money.

Sustainable packaging is good for your company’s image and the environment too.  These factors and the positive impact sustainability can have on your bottom line makes going green more attractive than ever.  To learn more about Eco Friendly Packaging or to request a quote, contact Custom Paper Tubes to discuss your sustainable packaging needs today.