Phenolic Paper Tubes

October 28th, 2011
Phenolic Paper Tubes

Phenolic Paper Tubes

The aerospace industry is known for critical specifications requiring a high degree of customization. As a result, these companies often struggle to find suitable vendors. These factors led Air Components, a West Coast aircraft parts supplier, to contact Custom Paper Tubes. Custom Paper Tubes specializes in providing tubes that meet critical material and dimensional requirements

Air Components struggled to find a source of custom phenolic paper tubes for an electrical application. Their application called for strong and waterproof paper tubes manufactured to tight tolerances. Cutouts were required for the parts to fit properly and each tube needed a printed part number for proper identification. Our team worked with the customer to design a finished paper tube that was phenolic impregnated for strength and moisture resistance, then notched per their drawing. Our manufacturing processes allow complex parts, such as these, to be produced with precision tolerances in low volumes economically.

Although many of our customers require custom tube packaging for retail, we also understand the unique requirements presented by industrial applications. We can customize your cardboard and paper tubes to meet your specific needs and budget, including:

• Critical technical requirements
• Complex design capabilities
• Close tolerances
• Single ply tubes
• Flexible tubes
• Wide range of I.D.s available

Industrial applications often call for secondary operations, and Custom Paper Tubes has the equipment and trained personnel to provide:

• Slitting
• Notching
• Punching and Die Cutting
• Custom Labels
• Phenolic Impregnating

Whether your application requires phenolic paper tubes, or tubes manufactured from acid free or dissolvable paper, we welcome your challenges. Custom sizes, materials, and secondary operations are what we do best. Click or call Custom Paper Tubes to learn more about our special manufacturing capabilities, request a sample, or submit a request for quote today.