Custom Two-Piece Telescoping Cardboard Tubes Video

April 29th, 2011

Two Piece Telescoping Tubes
Custom Paper Tubes manufactures custom two-piece telescoping tubes that can be used for a variety of packaging purposes.  The following video highlights some of the features of this cardboard tube style.

Video Transcription:

Custom Paper Tubes manufactures telescoping paper tubes for high end packaging.  The first example shown in this video is a 2-piece telescope, where you have a smaller inside diameter tube with an outer tube that has a larger inside diameter that fits over the inner-tube.

The next example shown is a three piece telescope. Three piece telescopes are available with curl and disc top and bottoms, or seamed on metal ends. The 3 piece telescoping tube consists of 3 tubes:  a bottom outer, a top outer, and an insert, or inner tube. With a three piece telescoping tube, the 2 outer tubes fit over the insert to give you the 3 piece telescope. The 3 piece telescope , also known as a full telescope, has equal diameters on the outside, while the 2 piece telescope has dissimilar diameters. The inner tube and the outer tube have different diameters.

From cosmetics to personal care, and food to point-of-purchase retail, Custom Paper Tubes can design and manufacture a two or three piece telescoping cardboard tube that is ideal for your custom packaging application.  Contact Custom Paper Tubes to request a sample or send a request for quote, and we’ll be happy to discuss your project.

Please Note: We no longer manufacture flat top packaging.