Private Label Packaging Tubes

November 8th, 2011

Private Label Packaging TubesPackaging creates an immediate impression on consumers.  High quality graphics and labeling speak to the quality of your product.  Functional packaging features, such as telescoping designs, can also make an additional statement when your product is initially opened by consumers.  These considerations, along with private labeling, can take your sales to the next level.

This case study features a supplier of high end personal care products to health clubs, spas, resorts, and country clubs.  Many of their products are private labeled for their end-use.  We designed two piece telescope canisters with luxurious non-printed wraps.  This allows the customer the flexibility to individually identify their products with adhesive labels, in any quantity, for any of their customers.

We can create a custom look and feel for each of your products with private label packaging tubes.  Highly customized, smaller volume requirements are no problem.  Our staff, equipment, and years of package manufacturing experience means we can design and produce paper tube packaging that fits your needs and budget.  Contact Custom Paper Tubes to learn more about private label tube packaging, or to request a quote.