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Industrial Paper Tube Packaging

Custom Paper Tubes is a paper tube manufacturer specializing in custom cardboard tube packaging, cardboard cylinders and spiral wound cores in a wide range of sizes. We are able to address many common industrial, medical and government paper tube and packaging applications, while understanding the impact that durable, economical and eco friendly paper tube packaging has in providing a solution to your unique need.

Choose from the application links to the left for specific packaging solutions. Below are some examples of custom, cardboard cores and packaging we provide to industrial, medical and government markets:

  • Developed by Bob Moody in conjunction with Custom Paper Tubes, The Moody Tube is a compact biohazard or sharps container typically used by EMS, EMTs and other first responders.
  • We are FDA approved for manufacture of "Bright White" disposable medical mouthpiece tubes, for use with medical spirometers as well as for use with other instuments and devices, to reduce the spread of germs and disease. For example, some customers purchase disposable mouthpieces for blow dart guns or glass blowing classes.
  • Weld Rod Tubes are made with mylar instead of our standard glue in the tube winding process. This ensures there is no water present in the manufacture of the paper tube so it will not adversely affect the weld rods to be packaged inside. The deep draw, heavy duty metal ends are seamed on tight to protect the product from damage when tossed around during shipping or in transit.
  • We specialize in custom printed mailing tubes that you can't purcase from standard wholesalers.
  • We can provide paper cap ends with custom hole punching for unique applications.
  • Heavy duty poly plugs provide extra protection that you can't get with standard mailing tube plastic plug ends.
  • Electrical insulation and thread protector tubes can be produced in a diameter as small as .120".

Industrial Packaging

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