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Industrial Paper Tube Packaging

Custom Paper Tubes is a paper tube manufacturer specializing in custom product packaging and spiral wound tubing in a wide range of sizes. We are able to address many common industrial packaging applications, as well as provide you with creative, custom solutions and recyclable packaging products. We understand the importance of durable, economical and eco friendly wholesale packaging that protects your product during shipping and in storage.

Choose from the application links to the left for specific packaging solutions or contact us to receive an industrial products sample kit for your evaluation. Each kit contains the following:

  • Mailing tube with plastic plugs and preprinted outer wrap
  • Three piece telescoping protective packaging with Deep Draw Heavy Duty Ends and 2 color printed outer wrap — welding rod tube
  • Paper Mailer with a paper cap and paper plug
  • Custom Graphics outer wrap with seamed on metal end and poly plug
  • Heavy duty tube with thick wall and Glaze outer wrap
  • Two piece telescoping tube with custom label and curl and disc ends
  • Slit tube with High Gloss outer wrap
  • Small I.D. two piece telescope
  • Small I.D. thread protector tubes with colorful outerwraps
  • Disposable medical tube mouthpiece
  • Screen printed paper tube

Industrial Packaging

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