Custom Paper Tubes’ Company Capabilities Video

April 20th, 2016

Custom Paper Tubes is proud to announce the release of our new company capabilities video. Jodi Lombardo, President, publicly announced the release on April 19,2016 at the 2016 ORV-WBC Catch the Wave Conference in Cleveland, OH. Watch our company capabilities video below:


Video Transcript:

Custom Paper Tubes is a custom designer and manufacturer of paper tube packaging.

Hi, I’m Jodi Lombardo. We realize that the first thing people see is the packaging that represents our clients’ products.

Two things set us apart from our competition:

  • First, we create a unique customized package that represents our clients’ product and their values, because we understand the importance of a good first impression. We get to know who our clients are and what’s important to them.  We take this and impart it into the packaging designs we create because we want to create an image that sets them apart.
  • Second, is our manufacturing flexibility. Our quick change-overs allow us to service small start-up orders to large volume runs.  And, we can even respond to emergency orders sometimes in just days.

Our packaging is eco-friendly, bio-degradable, sustainable and organic — which is a huge benefit in today’s environmentally conscience world.

We are located in Cleveland, Ohio, and so we are made in the USA and we ship all over the world.

Custom Paper Tubes has been in business since 1964 and we are very much a family oriented business.  Our employees have been here anywhere from ten years to forty-one years.

Each employee touches every single piece, and they take pride in what they produce.  They understand it is important to our clients and they want to ensure that it shows through in the product, the quality, and the style of packaging that we are providing.

We are passionate about what we do.  It’s not just about creating a package — it’s about creating long-lasting relationships with our clients that support each other’s standards and values, and help our companies grow together.