Cardboard Tubes for Mission Critical Ordnance Applications

November 27th, 2012

ALS AMTECH  is an Arkansas based company specializing in the manufacture of less lethal munitions including 12 gauge rounds, 37/40mm rounds and launchers, chemical and diversionary devices, and stun munitions which are used by the military and civilian law enforcement agencies worldwide.  With Custom Paper Tubes’ attention to detail and ability to hold critical specification tolerances, military and commercial ordnance manufacturers turn to us for their projects.  Failure to hold customer specifications during manufacturing could have dire consequences, both for the operator charged with delivering the round and individuals in close proximity when the device is delivered. Read the rest of this entry »

Military Applications for Cardboard Tubes

August 17th, 2011

Since 1979, Custom Paper Tubes has earned a reputation as an industry leader manufacturing custom cardboard tube packaging and related products for a diverse range of markets ranging from gourmet food and cosmetics to disposable cardboard mouthpieces and bee nesting tubes.  The versatility and custom manufacturing capabilities that have won over many of our “traditional, retail oriented” packaging customers are the same qualities that initially attracted the attention of design engineers at the U.S. Army.  This post describes cardboard tubes developed in conjunction with the military to prepare U.S. troops for deployment and to protect soldiers while in harm’s way. Read the rest of this entry »