Natural Paper Cap Packaging

June 2nd, 2011

Paper Cap Canisters-a 100% Natural Method to Package Your Products

Versatile, economical and eco-friendly paper canisters with paper caps from Custom Paper Tubes provide a 100% natural paper package. They are the ultimate solution for sustainable packaging.

These canisters are versatile. Decorate them with full wraparound graphics or apply adhesive spot labels and let the natural Kraft finish show through. Make your “Green” statement with Eco-Friendly packaging for industrial, commercial, and retail applications.

Recycled fibers are the basis for our Eco-Friendly paper cap canisters, making them an excellent choice for Cosmetics, Personal Care Products, Toys, Tools, Tee Shirts, Games and many more Point of Purchase Retail items.  With the addition of a food grade liner, these paper canisters are also perfect for a wide variety of food products.

Below are examples of paper cap canisters with plain outer wrap, Kraft wrap with adhesive (spot) labels applied, and factory applied full wrap around labels.

Paper cap tubes with plain wraps

Paper cap tubes with plain spiral wraps can provide very flexible solutions when small quantities are required.  By utilizing inexpensive adhesive labels, the same package can be used for multiple products or multiple flavors or designs of similar products.

Paper cap tubes with “spot” labels

All the paper tubes in the photo above started with a plain Kraft spiral outer wrap. An adhesive label was added, bringing a creative unique look to each.

Wrap around label

Wrap Around Label

Paper cap tubes provide elegant natural simplicity. The paper canister above serves as packaging for a candle and is manufactured from up to 90% post consumer recycled fibers and 100 % recyclable. Going “Green” never looked so good!

Brand identity

Use natural paper cap tubes to create your “Brand Identity”. Combine outer wraps, label designs and canister sizes within your product mix. Your customers will recognize your products at a glance.

“All Paper” Sustainable Packaging

Custom Paper Tubes offers a variety of “all paper” sustainable packaging, not just paper cap canisters. The photo above showcases many other all paper options. Each one is an example of an all paper canister. Decorate to your specifications. “All paper” sustainable packaging demonstrates your company’s environmental sensitivity without compromising your product.

Custom Paper Tubes has over 50 years of experience manufacturing Eco-friendly packaging for industrial, commercial and retail applications.  Interested in learning more about going green?  Contact us to discuss your project and your challenge.