Elegant, Full Telescope Package Protects While Enhancing Brand Value

January 17th, 2018

Beard and Lady Mythical No. 9Beard and Lady, founded by Lacey Hendrix, produces a line of high-quality, natural beauty and grooming products for men and women, such as hair and beard oils, fragrances and lip balms. Based in North Carolina, these unique personal care products are made in the USA from all natural, apothecary ingredients and are contained within unique, vintage-inspired glass bottles capped with a cork and wax seal for a truly unique user-experience.

Beard and Lady worked in collaboration with YouTube celebrities, Rhett and Link, to develop a fragrance product specifically for their fan-base; a fragrance that would stand out and resonate with both men and women. Thus Mythical No. 9 was born.

Lacey reached out to Custom Paper Tubes for a high-end package to compliment the Mythical No. 9 fragrance. The team didn’t want to settle for anything less than the best to represent their product brand and decided a full telescope (or three piece telescope) package, customized with a convolute label and gold foil stamp would be the perfect solution for a truly stand-out, high-end package.

“We had really liked the sleekness of a tube and felt it would protect our high end product well. Also after working with Custom Paper tubes we saw how many options we had for a custom design and were extremely pleased with the results… Sure we looked at typical chip board boxes and other fragrance packaging but loved the look and feel of the tube,” noted Lacey Hendrix in regards to why her team had chosen a paper tube and specifically Custom Paper Tubes to provide her custom packaging solution.

For over 50 years, Custom Paper Tubes has specialized in the custom design and manufacture of paper tube packaging for consumer markets such as the cosmetic and personal care markets.

Not only does the full telescope package provide the look and feel that Beard and Lady wanted to showcase their product, but it serves as additional protection for the glass bottle during shipping. When asked about the benefits of the paper tube package, Lacey responded, “I think, over all, the look and design are exactly what we were hoping for as well as provides a safer shipping container for our fragrance. This helps ease any concern about the shipping process for us.”

We partner with customers like Beard and Lady to create a custom package that will increase sales through adding brand value and set them apart from their competition, while reducing loss by providing a protective solution to reduce their product breakage and shipping concerns. Our packaging, materials and processes are eco-friendly, bio-degradable, sustainable and organic; supporting our passion for creating a more eco-conscious world. Contact us today to learn more about the options available to create a unique, custom paper tube package for your product!