Sustainable Paper Tube Packaging

December 12th, 2012

Burt’s Bees is a national household brand known for Eco-Friendly personal care products made from beeswax, essential oils, flowers and herbs.  In addition to the use of all natural ingredients for their unique formulations, Burt’s Bees is committed to sustainability, including green or Eco-Friendly packaging.

Burt’s Bees started a new line of tinted lip balm products and wanted a unique package.  The package needed to be environmentally friendly and feature bold graphics.  Custom Paper Tubes designed an all paper two piece telescoping package utilizing recycled paper with high post-consumer content.  This design allowed both the inner and outer section of the paper tube to be printed to identify each of the 9 individual tinted colors.  To provide rapid response to our customer’s needs, Custom Paper Tubes stocks labels and printed discs for each color in three versions:  domestic, international and alternate UPC codes.


For over 30 years Custom Paper Tubes has provided earth friendly packaging solutions to customers in diverse markets ranging from cosmetics and personal care to gourmet food and point of purchase retail.  We understand that packaging choices speak volumes about your company’s commitment to sustainability, and this in turn, resonates with your customers.  To learn more about sustainable packaging, or to request a quote, contact Customer Paper Tubes for more information.